Tuesday, November 18, 2008

As of 12:03 AM

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Thank you. For the support. Your comments. The virtual chocolate. And your friendship!

I don't know how I'd make it through a deadline without you! I mean that. I love you!

Now I'm going to get some much needed sleep. I want to go to Burgerville for lunch and order a Tillamook cheezburger, sweet potato fries and a pumpkin spice milkshake. I've earned it.



Dru said...

Whew, that is done. I hope you had a good sleep and enjoy that burger.

Are you able to take some time off from writing now that you submitted your book?

Marianne Arkins said...


And, heck yeah!!! Treat yourself. You did good.

I'm getting a kick out of the word verifications lately -- they are almost, but not quite, words.

Today's? Antedrew.

I can't decide if that is something against Drew (ala anti-Drew) or a relation of antecedent or antebellum...

Rottie_mom said...

Congratulations!!!! Def treat yourself!!! You did good!

Amy said...


Melissa said...

Thanks all. I just woke up a little while ago. I'd drank so much iced tea and the caffeine made falling asleep difficult even though I was exhausted.

At one point I had Chaos sleeping between my feet. And Spirit between my thighs wanting to be rubbed.

michellewillingham said...

Hooray on being finished! It's great, isn't it? :)

Brandy said...

YAY! Where are the balloons and confetti! You did it! We knew you would!
And I have to say the picture? FUNNY! (We have experience with this. *G*)
Keep treating yourself, you SO deserve it!

Jane said...

You deserve to treat yourself.

Virginia said...

Hurray, I am glad you made it through. Yes by all means treat yourself and take some time off to rest.

catslady said...

Hip Hip Horray!!! Big Congrats.
And once again the picture is perfect - we too have a cat that won't allow us to put our toilet paper in the correct place lol.

Melissa said...

Thanks! I was still so tired this morning I missed the first step down the stairs and fell all the way to the landing. Ouch. Scared the kidlets to death. Me, too.

But some ice and more rest and I'm better now. Bruised, but oh, well!

Glad you liked the pic. I thought it fit well today! Okay, bed time.

Nightie night. This will be the first time I'm asleep before midnight in I don't know how long.

Sarita Leone said...


I'm so glad it's over for you. And you deserve lots of sleep and loads of food.

I knew you could do it. I bet the story's great.

I'm savoring every page of Rescued by the Magic of Christmas. I bought a copy for my mom, too. She finished it and is so anxious for me to finish mine so we can chat about the story. I told her not to say anything until I was done. *G* I know it's driving her nuts to keep her enthusiasm to herself but so far she's doing it. :)

Hope you enjoy some down time now. You deserve it!

limecello said...

Yay burger! I'm all super stressed and panicked b/c I have to sleep - and be up and out the door in 4 hours to catch a 6 am flight to Seattle, for a convention/conference but I'm not staying at "that" hotel so it's a logistical nightmare and I've got to walk/bus everywhere in business suits. Gah.