Thursday, November 20, 2008

Vacation Time!

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My oldest daughter and I are off to Phoenix, Arizona until Monday. She's competing at the Irish dance Western Region's Oireachtas (think western regionals.) Each part of the country and Canada have them and it's how dancers qualify for Worlds and Nationals.

She's going for experience and to have fun. Emphasis on the fun. This will be our first trip just the two of us. I'm so looking forward to our time together. I'm meeting a friend from college for dinner one night (we found each other on Facebook.) I used to live in Tempe and would love to see old friends, but I only know people's addresses not their emails or phone numbers (Christmas card list!) and it's too late to contact them now which is kind of a bummer. We'll be spending our last night with my aunt, who I can't wait to visit!

I will be leaving my computer at home. Off-line for four whole days! I'm guessing my inbox won't be pretty when I return. Or the unread items in my Google reader. I don't really care!

My revisions already came back, but I'd told them about this trip and sticking to the no computer coming along. Both my daughter and I deserve this holiday away! And so do my hands. I will be bringing a hard copy of the manuscript and a pad of paper for the plane ride there and back.

Hope you have a great weekend. And see you sometime on Monday!

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