Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Not yet Monday

Why do I love LOLcats so much? Because I can go to and pretty much find a picture to match my mood or situation. Many times I don't even need to use the search button because gems like this will be on the first page:

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

Yep. With a deadline on Monday, I'm right with this LOLcat!

So besides trying to finish my book, what's going on in the household?

- A lot of driving to PT and doctor appointments. We found out hubby will be on crutches for a full two months. Turns out the doc had to do some bone shaving due to bone-on-bone contact in his knee. In order to let blood get in there and cartilage, hubby can't put weight on it. So even though the ACL hamstring graft is looking great, this bone thing will be the limiting factor in his recovery.

- I bought two Christmas presents with a 40% off CDs coupon from Borders yesterday. I also bought a copy of my book. It's one of my traditions. On the release date, I like to buy a copy.

- The kidlets learned to make chocolate chip cookies. All I had to do was put the cookie sheets in the oven and take them out. They were so yummy! And the kidlets even cleaned up the mess!

- The Trigger Point Therapy is working great with my hands. That's three massages so far, and the results are great. My hands aren't healed, but they haven't been this good in a very long time.

So what's up with you?