Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Story of My Life Right Now...

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This week will be crunch time on the book due on the 17th so expect a lot of links, LOLcats and YouTube videos and not so many words.

The final week before a deadline is really stressful, but I must admit it's one of my fave writing times. Things just start happening with the story, almost like magic, and it's as if I'm living the book even when I'm not at the computer. At least that's how it's been with all the other stories. Fingers crossed this one works the same way!

Hope you're having a good Sunday!


Sarita Leone said...

You've described it so perfectly. It's exactly how it feels!

Sending good thoughts your new novel will wrap up exactly as it should. :)

Happy Sunday!

Dru said...

Don't forget to eat!

Good luck with your book and I know that you'll meet your deadline.

How's hubby?

Have a great Sunday.

catslady said...

Wow, I think you're the first author I heard say they actually like writing right before the deadline. I think that's great. (I realize it's still stressful though lol).

And I like your LOLcats!

limecello said...

Good luck, Melissa- you can do it! :D And we all love the lolcats :)

Amy said...


Oh, gosh, that was HYSTERICAL.

I love that flow week with the book. It's the best. I find it usually happens at the end, too!

Write, Melissa, write.

Check in and let us know about hubby when you're done, okay?

Brandy said...

Don't worry about us! Just do what you need to and concentrate on your book! Best of luck with your writing this week!
(And hoping your hubs is healing well!)
Have a terrific Sunday!

Marianne Arkins said...

LOLcats are fine with me! Have fun.

Jane said...

Good luck. I love the LOLcats, too.

Virginia said...

Good luck Melissa with your book. I am sure it will all come together this week. My son swares that he is better off waiting until the last min. to do thing, because he says he does a better job under pressure.