Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Not Yet!

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I have searched everywhere for my card reader. I can't find it anywhere. The house is actually clean, too. So it should have shown up during the cleaning process. There's one place left to look so I'll do that once I get some pages written.

Yoda is acclimating to the house. He seems to feel comfortable his safe room, the study. We extended the gate to include the foyer. It's round and gives him more room to run, plus then if he stands at the gate, he can see us.

Last night he was with us in the Great Room. Poor Chaos. She wants to be with the kitty so bad, but he just spits and hisses. Now Chaos is scared of it. The dog actually cowers. Sigh... I'm hoping this is temporary, but who knows. Yoda's litter was attacked by a dog. Two of his siblings were killed in the attack. Yoda was hurt. He was bald from it which is where his name came from. (His hair has grown back!)

I doubt the three older cats will accept Yoda, but they mainly stay upstairs in my bedroom so it shouldn't be a problem. We won't try to introduce them for a few more days. I did rub a towel over the three kitties fur and that's what Yoda is sleeping on. But Smalls came inside over four years ago, and the other two stiill don't get along with her.

It's fun to have a kitten in the house. But I can't believe how one tiny little creature can change so many things. The kids are head over heels in love with it. I have to remind them to let it walk. Otherwise they'd carry him everywhere. Yoda is your typical kitten, playful with no fear. The goal is to keep him from hurting himself.

I was writing yesterday morning when I noticed Chaos laying on the floor and staring into my bathroom. She'd never done anything like that before so I decided to check it out. Behind the toilet I saw two little eyes. I glanced at the bed and did a quick count. Three cats. Uh-oh. I flipped on the light and saw Yoda. He had somehow escaped from the study, made it past the kidlets eating breakfast and found his way upstairs to the master bath.

I don't think I mentioned this since it's been all kitty all the time, but I'm doing NaNoWriMo this month. If you want to see my progress go to the JanoWriMo blog or you can buddy me at the NaNo site. My user name is melmcclone.


Anne-Kathrine said...

Its amazing what 1 little kitten can do LOL. Aren't they so much fun! I remember when my girls were little, sooo cute and cuddly. They are 13 and set in their ways especially Patches. They have no problem accepting dogs but won't have anything to do with other cats lol.

Hope you have a wonderful day!!

Brandy said...

I love kittens, they are so curious and fearless and definitely escape artists. *G* I'm sure the kitten will eventually accept Chaos.
Best wishes for a great day!

Dru said...

Kittens are so adorable. I like to hold them and listen to their meows.

Have a good day and I hope you're able to find your card reader.

catslady said...

Kittens - if they're not sleeping they're going full tilt usually lol. They're just so darn entertaining. I hope they eventually all get along or at least tolerate each other.

Marianne Arkins said...

You're being so good -- every time I've gotten a new kitty, I've just tossed them into the mix and let it work its way out, lol.

Poor Chaos. I was hoping she might find a new friend. Maybe Yoda will calm down and love the doggy eventually.