Thursday, November 05, 2009

Halloween Kitty

My eleven year old daughter took this series of shots yesterday with Yoda. It's so typical of a kitten!

Cool! I get my picture taken. Wonder if they'll pick me up if I act cute.

My "act adorable" pose didn't work. Maybe this one will...


I'm tired. Would someone please pick me up?


We are all totally in love with Yoda. Even hubby though he'd never admit it!

I'm getting my gallbladder out today. I've been feeling poorly since August and it's really gotten bad the last few weeks. They aren't sure this will make me better, but they've pretty much tested and ruled out everything else so I'm very hopeful! Anyway, I need to take it easy so if you don't see me on-line in my usual places, that's why.

Also, Dru gave me the Honest Scrap award earlier this week so I finally managed to do my part and preloaded it for tomorrow's blog!

Take care!