Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cool Thoughts

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If you've read this blog for over a year (or longer for a few of you die-hards who I love), you know every summer brings posts about the heat and my lamenting the lack of a/c. But there's been none of that this year. Oh, it's still hot here though we're getting little rain every now and again. But when I was in San Diego in May, we had a heat pump installed.

Best. Thing. Ever.

I'm never hot. In fact, it's taken a bit to figure out the right temperature so I don't have to wear a sweatshirt inside. But it's seriously awesome. I finally put my foot down this spring. Hubby grew up on Long Island on the water and never had a/c. I have no idea how they survived because the humidity is stifling back there. Anyway, he never saw the need. Still boggles the mind, but maybe it's an east coast thing. Or maybe it's just him. But every summer for the past seventeen years (how long we've been married), it's been a battle between my "I'm dying" and his "Think cool thoughts."

I finally won.

Now, he admits he was not wrong (even if I think so) but stubborn. He loves having a cool house more than I do. The kids are happier and so are the fur babies, especially Chaos, our Norwegian Elkhound with all that fur! I like not having to complain about being hot! A win-win for all involved. Finally!


Maria Zannini said...

I'll admit when we lived in Chicago, we didn't have AC either. And even when we moved to Texas it was a couple of years before we got AC here. (Too poor.)

But oh, what a difference it made when we could finally afford one. Some afternoons we did nothing but enjoy that cool air.

Congrats for getting out of the oven.

Quilt Lady said...

I grew up without AC but can't imagine being without it now and ours is really hard on the dear electric bill but I think its worth it.

Brandy said...

With temps in the 90's and a heat index of 102 degrees today there is no way I'd live here without A/C. I'm glad y'all finally got cool air! I remember your posts last year about the heat. Look on the brighter side. You could live here and have my power bill. *g*

I hope your day went well!

Dru said...

This east coast resident needs a/c during the summer month.