Saturday, July 07, 2012

Cat beds

funny cat pictures - At least I didn't get a banana.
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This LOLcat made me laugh. This could be one of my cats. I was at Costco and found the coolest cat bed. It's woven like a basket with a circular part where the cat sleeps on a lamb's wool bed that's held up on a matching stand. It's so cute and cozy I almost bought two.

Of course, the cats preferred the big box it came in. They still do. Oh, once in a while I'll find someone sleeping in it, but not as often as I thought.

I keep putting them in it just so they know it's theirs. As if anything in this house isn't there. LOL! So we'll see if they start using it more!

Hope you're enjoying your weekend! Mine's been full of soccer, swimming and revisions. And lots and lots of sun!