Thursday, July 19, 2012

Long Course Championships

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This time last year, my son Finn was wearing a cast on his left hand. That meant he couldn't swim at the Long Course Championships aka State. He was pretty bummed because this was the first time he'd qualified to compete.

Fast forward a year. His arm isn't broken, and State begins today. He's thrilled to be competing.

We're heading out early in order to get to Mount Hood Community College for seven o'clock warm-ups. We'll repeat this on Friday, Saturday and Sunday though hubby and I might be splitting who goes where each day. With three kids, it's rare that we can both watch one do something unless the stars align just right or someone offers to take one of the other kidlets to an activity. Not to mention hubby has to work during the week! Me? I'll be taking my alphasmart with me to work on the new book!

What will you be doing today?