Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Slow Start

I had wanted to get into an exercise routine back at the start of the new year. I miss doing Crossfit, but wasn't sure I was up for going back since I can't do anything where my wrists are at a 90 degree angle (give or take a few degrees) so that means no push-ups, burpees, etc.

Of course, getting sick in January and then having the deadline in February meant everything, including exercise took a back seat. So with March right around the corner, I'm going to try again! The kids are dying to go skiing. And I want to climb! Anything has to be better than what I'm doing now...which isn't much!

Are you working out? What's your fave thing to do?


Maria Zannini said...

I do yoga which contains some plank and push-up postures. But then you could just not do those.

I always modify the postures that affect my arthritic knees.

Do you run or cycle? Tai Chi seems to be all standing postures--and believe me, it's harder than it looks.

Quilt Lady said...

I was walking two miles a day until Jan. when the doctor told me to stop walking and start riding my exercise bike, which I am trying to do everyday but do miss some. He said the walking wasn't good on my bad hip. Said the hip is wearing out. I would like to get back into some walking a few days a week.

Dru said...

Hi Melissa,

I like to walk and I can't wait for warmer temps.