Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mock Trial

Yesterday was the start to Mackenna's Mock Trial competition. She's a prosecutor and doing the closing statement. This is her freshman year so we had no idea what to expect. It was really interesting.

The case involves domestic terrorism and a sovereign nation citizen. Bomb maker, linguistic professors from Stanford, mushroom picker... It's pretty interesting to see the kids get into character when they hit the witness stand.

Mackenna looked very lawyer-like in one of her suits, black pumps with heels and panty-hose. It was hard to believe this young woman standing up and and saying "Objection!" was my daughter! I was very proud.

Lawyers are the jury and go over notes with the students after each trial to help them learn from the experience. Later today, they'll find out how they did with each time they go to trial. I believe each team tries the case three time against other schools.

Not sure I'll make it back to the Clark County Court House for the final case today, but I was so glad I attended her two cases yesterday.

Have a great day!