Monday, February 04, 2013

Super Bowl Sad Day

Kudos whoever made these! So funny!
My team lost. Rose's team won. That about sums up Super Bowl Sunday for me.

I did think the meme to the left was hilarious. Much funnier than some of the commercials shown during the game.

I did like a few of the ads: the Budweiser one that I posted here on Saturday is still my favorite. I also liked the Paul Harvey "Farmer" for the Dodge Ram Truck. I must admit I got a little teary eyed over the Jeep-USO commercial. Very touching and I couldn't stop thinking about our adopted service member being separated from his family.

Part of the reason I wasn't into the game was my sadness over the murder of former Navy SEAL and American Sniper Chris Kyle and his friend, Chad Littlefield. Chris is the NYT Bestselling author of American Sniper. I'd learned about Chris through SOFREP. They have a great video series called Inside the Team Room where three former SEALS talk about their experiences pre-during-post teams.

Chris Kyle was larger than life, but also humble.  When you listened to an interview or show or read something he wrote, it was like talking to a friend. Some of the people on SOFREP were fortunate to know Chris. Many of us hadn't met him yet you still felt like you knew him because he was so open about things. If you're at all interested in learning more about SOF, especially SEALs, check out the episodes.

During one show, Chris talked about doing more to help service members. I can't remember exactly what he said (and with lots of episodes I don't have time to rewatch them all while on deadline) but the doing more part resonated with me. It spurred me to find a way to do more than just say "Thanks for your service" when I see a  service member or veteran somewhere. That's how I discovered Soldiers' Angels, an organization that helps soldiers, wounded warriors, veterans and families. It's been a wonderful experience for my entire family. More than once I started writing an email to thank Chris only to be interrupted. I really wish I'd just taken the time to thank him before because now it's too late.

There's a lovely tribute written by Eric Davis, Chris Kyle's sniper instructor and friend. Click here to read the post at SOFREP.

Chris Kyle not only served our country, he wanted to give back after leaving active duty. He helped numerous veterans. He helped law enforcement. He helped civilians.

He sure helped me and my family realize we could do a little something ourselves, far away from the battles in Afghanistan being fought in Operation Enduring Freedom. If not for Chris Kyle, I would never have thought about joining a group like Soldiers' Angels. It just wasn't on my radar screen. I'm so glad and thankful it is now!

RIP Chris Kyle, a true hero and a great American. I regret not saying it before, but I'll say it now.  Thank you for your service and keeping us safe and getting us involved. Your family, friends and teammates are in our prayers.