Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Walking away

I wish my cats offered to walk away yesterday. Instead, stacks of folded laundry and piles papers I've organized toppled like a house of cards. I won't even go into my TBR tower of books and how much fun the cats have with that on a routine basis.

And then they look at me with an "what-I-didn't-do-anything" stare that cats have down pat!

I'd happily offer treats, tuna or salmon, whatever they'd like if they'd just walk away.

So my trying to check things off my list continues. I made one run to the post office yesterday to mail the five packages I'd managed to get together. I have more to do today. I finished one of my RITA books and started another. The new one is by an author I hadn't heard of and I was laughing out loud at various points. I love when that happens. And more cleaning. Yuck!

I'll be back at it today!

Enjoy your Wednesday.