Monday, May 08, 2006

Bound to happen

My daughter's First Communion on Saturday was a joyous and wonderful occasion. She beamed during the procession when she got to carry the wreath of flowers to crown the statue of Mary, she practically floated down the aisle when we were asked to bring up the gifts, she glowed when she received communion and she never stopped smiling afterwards.

The dinner was a success. The house looked good. And things went off without a hitch. Note to self-always budget for a personal chef and server when throwing big events. I got to enjoy myself and visit with everyone, including Mackenna's godfather Alan (and my former UAL travel buddy) and his girlfriend, who flew in from the Bay Area for the festivities! Plus my kitchen was totally clean when they left.

Unfortunately two thirds of the way through the dinner, my throat started hurting. I thought it was from all the chatting, but by the time everyone had left, it hurt to swallow. I wasn't about to let a sore throat knock me out. I had gotten up at 6 am that morning and written 3 pages in the hour before the kids woke up. I still had more to write so I got my iBook out and wrote until midnight.

The next day I slept in until 9 am. Unheard of in the McClone household, but the kids were worn out from the night. It was great. Except when I woke up, I still couldn't swallow, but I was coughing, too. Today I lost my voice. So much for my self-imposed twelve o'clock bedtime to keep me from wearing myself out. But I will not give up. I'll figure a way to keep going even though my bed seems to be calling to me 24/7.

Because even though I'm sick, the story, like my bed, is calling to me. It's taken awhile to warm up to my characters, Jared and Kate, but they have really grown on me and I feel like I'm hitting my stride. A little late, I'll admit, but when you're a mom with three kidlets who've had their share of the sickies this year, you take what you can get. And you often lose writing time. Sometimes, as in my case the last couple of months, all of it.

The next couple of weeks will be killer. I'll do my best to make the May 22nd deadline, but I won't turn in a book that's not good enough, and if it's not, I'll need to ask for more time. I'm hoping it doesn't come to that. (Miracles do happen!) But hey if it does, there are worse things than asking for an extension. The three kids could catch what I have!


Michelle said...

Good luck meeting the deadline! I'm sure you'll do great. :)

Anonymous said...

When does the last book you wrote come out? Is it in November?

Lissa said...

Opps I forgot to use my name.

I was watching some Rots videos on youtube. LOVE that site. I have to make myself stay away.

Here's a good one with an alternate ending to RotS:

Here's one I found:

Melissa said...

PLAIN JANE'S PRINCE CHARMING will be a November release, but they moved it back to the Silhouette Romance line instead of the new Harlequin Romance line. At least that's the last I've heard. It's always subject to change:)

Thanks Lissa! LOL on the alternative ending. Poor Obi-wan. But Anakin got the ultimate power.

And thanks, Michelle.