Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My Mom by Rose

My mom's name is Melissa.

She is 4 years old.

She likes to work on her computer.

My mom is great at working on her computer.

The best thing about my mom is loving her.

I love my mom because I do.

If I could give her anything for Mother's Day I would give her a puzzle.

So the above is what I received from my three year old today. An early Mother's Day Present. On the paper is also a beautiful, multi-colored flower she painted. Anyway, since I'm on deadline and have nothing to say except I wrote 6 pages this morning! YAY for me! But I need to get back to work so I can watch my two fave shows tonight so I thought I'd let my youngest take the stage.

She did great, too. I have a four in my age. I work on my computer (though I hope that's not all she thinks I do and to make sure when the older kids got home from school we head to the backyard to play!) And I love puzzles. Way to go, Rosie!!!! I will keep this forever.

Oh, and I'm bringing back the tally to make sure I keep posting to the blog as the deadline approaches:
Pages written today: 6 (so far)
Daily page goal: 10
Pages revised: Read through first six chapters and made some minor revisions
Pages polished and good to go: 115
Pages left: I have no idea since I didn't write this book in order, but am up to Chapter 7
Days until book is due: 12