Thursday, May 25, 2006

Quick Update

Here's my week so far:

Complete emailed on Monday night.

Spent Tuesday doing the AFS (Art Fact Sheet) which Harlequin uses to make the covers. Ignored email except from agent and editor.

Wednesday morning an email arrived from my editor. She's already read the manuscript, likes it, but has a few changes (i.e. revisions). Spent morning as a substitute teacher in my daughters 2 1/2 hour class which went from order to chaos every five minutes. Spent the afternoon and early evening figuring out what revisions she wanted and how long I thought it would take. Watched LOST. Still ignoring email except from editor.

Thursday morning started decluttering house when I got a phone call inviting me and youngest kidlet to the zoo. We went. Missed naptime so no work. Took kids to piano and Irish dance. Still no writing. We're home, kids are in bed and now I get to start revising. (It's 9:14 pm) Not a lot of time for email today, either.

Friday - hubby made me an appt. for my facial and massage tomorrow. He's watching the kids. I can't wait!