Saturday, May 27, 2006

A little R&R

My facial and massage last night were wonderful. I left the spa feeling so relaxed and rejuvenate. I wish I had time during a deadline for something like this. I think it would really help, but as hubby pointed out last night, I would never take the time away from writing to visit a spa. Unfortunately he's right. During deadlines, I have the book and my kids on my mind. That's pretty much it.

Tonight we're having friends over for dinner. A wonderful family we met through school and church. They have 9 children. You can guess that my kidlets are so excited to have so many kids coming to visit at one time. I think our playroom will get a lot of use tonight. We're having pizza. Salad (they're bringing it). Apples and grapes. Brownie ice cream sundaes. Very easy and kid friendly.

We're still trying to figure out what to do tomorrow and Monday. The weather is not cooperating (rain, again) so we may hit OMSI and/or the movies to see Over The Hedge. We were hoping for sun so we could go hiking. Oh, well... that's what we get for living in the Pacific Northwest.

In spite of the rain, I'm just enjoying my time off from writing. I'm taking a three day break from the revisions to be with the family. I'm catching up on some house stuff, catching up with friends (dinner tonight here, tomorrow we're going to another friend's house) and trying to keep the kids from playing catch inside. I finally caved and put on Narnia. Everyone is a lot happier now.

Hope you have a Happy Memorial Day weekend. Talk to you on Tuesday!