Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Back to work!

I totally enjoyed my weekend off. Walks with the kids, dinners with friends and a trip to the movies to see Over the Hedge. Now I'm back to work on the revisions and making good progress.

My only problem right now is Monty. Who is Monty? Monty is a cat we found him on our deck a couple of weeks ago. He had a collar on with a tag so I phoned their owners who promptly came and got him. Later that day, he was back. He's been back every since. Now the collar is gone. And he stands outside our door and cries all night long.

I don't mind him hanging out during the day, but the meowing to get in at all hours is driving me crazy. At first I thought it was one of my fur babies so I kept getting up. Now I know better, but it still bothers me and is keeping me awake. I know he has a family, and we already have too many cats. Any ideas on what we should do about Monty?