Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veterans Day!

A big thank you to my dad, uncles, brother in law, cousins, friends and all the other dedicated men and women who served and protected the United States of America over the years!

Here's a YouTube clip that made the rounds a couple of months ago. It's not just friends and families who miss their soldiers while their away.

A couple of writing things on this fine day! Seven chapters of Husband Material are now up at the Mills & Boon website. Click here. I apologize for the formatting. It looks as if several paragraph returns got lost when they brought it over from eHarlequin.

Also my book finally hits the shelves today! Or is supposed to. Please let me know if you see it this week, okay?


Rottie_mom said...

Happy Veterans Day!!!
Love that video, so much love!

Im going to Borders on Friday to pick up another book and will check out your!

How's your hubby doing?

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Amy said...

I'll be looking for your book while I'm out and about today (uh, assuming those 2" of rain we're supposed to get today give us a break at some point).

Dru said...

I'm heading over to B&N this afternoon.

Virginia said...

Happy Veteran's Day! Congrats on your book comeing out today. I am not planning on going out today it is rainy and ugly today but is going to be that way all week. I will look for your book when I go out tomorrow. Have a great week.

limecello said...

Yay Melissa- congratulations on the new book!
And Happy Veterans Day to everyone.

Brandy said...

Happy Veterans Day! My Hubs is a Vet, too.
Congratulations on your book release today!
I won't have a chance to look for your book until Friday!

Jane said...

Happy Veterans Day. Happy Release Day, Melissa.

catslady said...

It's hard to believe a tail can wag that fast lol.

Yes, my dad and uncle were war veterans and so is my husband.