Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bad Kitties

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My three cats are not happy this holiday season. You see, they are the only three in the household who love when mommy is on a writing deadline. When I descend into my cave, the cats are right there with me the entire time I'm working. And they love it!

They love that mommy sits in one place for along time so they can curl at my feet or nap on the bed and know when they open their eyes they'll see me. When I was proofing my revisions, I was up at 5 am one morning. I went downstairs to work. Chaos remained in bed with hubby. All three cats came downstairs with me. One sat on the ottoman, the other on the floor and the third on the couch behind my head.

So they are going through mommy-withdrawal right now. Spirit sits at the top of the stairs, sticks her head through the banister and meows. Loudly. Rocket will do the same thing. Sometimes they'll both sit halfway down the stairs, especially when I come back after being out of the house. The look on their faces say, "Where have you been? You're not supposed to go anywhere."

The kitties really don't like that I'm downstairs so much any more. No impromptu cat naps with them. And they hate when I leave the house. They have already gotten into a little mischief and I have a feeling more might be in store like the picture above. A good thing I've got at least two more books to write in 2009!

At least they'll be happy!

Hope you have a good Saturday. Hubby will handle the swim meet today for the older two. I'm taking the youngest to a birthday party. Plus, we're going to decorate the tree. Finally! I'll post pictures of the pre and post decorating tree.

What are you up to? Oh, and before I forget...good luck to limecello with all her finals! Take care!


Virginia said...

I think it is really cute what your kitties do when you are writing. Sounds like they want be happy campers for a while.

Have a great weekend!

limecello said...

Awe - kitties. Isn't it cute/annoying/horrible when they feel neglected and get into mischief?

And thanks. I think my body is about to shut down, but I'll be done in *gulp* 10 more hours!

:) Then it'll be time to put the tree up!

Jane said...

That's such a cute pic. I'm going do some shopping.

Brandy said...

Aww, sounds as though the kitties will begetting into more trouble. *G* Hope it's nothing too destructive!
Have a wonderful day. (We're going to decorate our tree this evening!)

catslady said...

With 6 cats they all seem to have a favorite place where they want me to be. Two will sit on my lap when I'm at the computer, one wants me to sit on the couch, 3 or 4 get me when I'm on the bed. It's sweet that they miss you.

I finally took a break from getting ready for my tree trimming party tomorrow :)

Rottie_mom said...

Your cats are too funny. Mine two love to sleep on the bed. When Im not home my 3 dogs are crated. Yesterday my bf fell asleep on the couch so I went into the bedroom to watch tv. All the pets decided that hanging out with me was def the way to go LOL. Nice to be loved lol