Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Snowflakes and Gingerbread

This was out street before the last snow hit on Sunday. As you can see, we already had full coverage so the extra just added inches and ice. Chaos was jumping through the street and running around the street yesterday. On leash, of course, but she was having a blast. The snow came up to her chest!

More snow is predicted for tomorrow. If that's the case, we won't be making the hour and a half drive south to attend my family's Christmas Eve gathering. The kids are bummed about that, but we can do it once the weather improves. I went ahead and bought a ham just in case I have to cook for us.

Here's the before shot of the gingerbread house we made. It was a kit we bought at Costco. You put the house together yourself. The kids did most of it themselves with just a little help from us!

Here's the finished product. We waited a day for the house to set before decorating it. The kids did everything except the wreath on the front of the house, the green around the doors and windows and the green on the big tree. It took us a couple of hours with lots of candy eating! I think they may have added more gum drops around the outside, but by then I'd put away the camera. We do a house every year. One of those tradition things that is not, fortunately, weather dependent!

I managed to get my Christmas cards yesterday. It was quite the experience. Even with chains and hubby behind the wheel, we spun out getting onto the freeway on-ramp. But at least I can get the cards done and hopefully in the mail later today! What are you doing today?