Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Neglected Kitties

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I've been wrapping presents, checking things off my To Do list, etc. The cats are not happy. It's not as if I'm ignoring them, but I have errands to run, holiday movies to watch, you get the idea.

I walked in the door last night to be greeted with meowing. My gray cat, Spirit, almost sounded like she was saying Maaaama. My brother in law swore she called for me by name when he stayed with them once. Spirit is the one who misses me the most. She'll hide under the bed if I go away and not come out. Sometimes for days if I'll be gone a long time.

How much did she miss me yesterday? Well, when I decided I'd earned a bath last night, my first soak in forever, she actually jumped up on the edge of the tub and sat with me the entire time I was in there. Since then I've been carrying her around and loving her as much as possible.

The only good thing to all of this is that the kitty - dog war seems to be lessening. They all want a piece of me so are sharing territory better. Spirit came within a couple of inches of Chaos and didn't hiss. That's a huge improvement. Fingers crossed it continues.

More snow is falling today so we won't be going anywhere when Wednesday is usually one of our busiest days out and about! I'm looking forward to the down time. More time with my kitties and doggy!

I'll post the tree pics tomorrow. I took before pictures, but forgot to do the after ones!

Hope you have a great day and stay warm if you have cold temperatures like us!