Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cookies, Cats and Dogs

I've started thinking about my next book. Emphasis on the thinking part.

I've gotta admit, I am having such a fun week! I haven't been blogging (or blog hopping) much, sorry, but I really have ignored my family the last six or so weeks. And the kids are pretty much attached at my hip. If I do hop on the computer they sit or stand behind me. They just want their mom and that's cool!

I'm totally getting into the holiday mode. I made dinner again for the family, baked a couple of dozen cookies (my first baking of the season) and all five of us plus Chaos sat on the couch together to read Tale of Desperaux. Although two of the kidlets have already read it, the youngest hasn't so we're doing a family read-aloud. Next week we'll be attending a Desperaux Pre-premiere party since they are making it into a movie so I thought it was worth having everyone read/hear it again.

So my furbabies are at it again. It was the funniest thing the night I sent off my revisions. Rocket and Chaos have an odd sort of friendship. They will both sleep on the bed at the same time. They will sniff each other (sometimes without hissing.) All the kids say Rocket is Chaos' friend.

Well, Rocket was out in the hall when Chaos and I came upstairs. Chaos ran around and jumped over the space where the cat could have attacked him should the cat have been in a bad move. I've never seen the dog move so fast, not even for food. It was pretty funny (given the size difference between the two), but Chaos truly was frightened of that cat. You could see it on her face, but she mustered her courage so she could be with me. Sweet doggie. But if that's how Chaos feels around her "friend" I'd hate to see her with her enemies!

Given our constant pet wars, these pics brought a smile to my face.

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

What's going on in your corner of the world? We may get snow this weekend or early next week. Fingers crossed!!!!!


Amy said...

Yes, the two days its supposed to snow are: the day my family arrives, and the day they leave.

Which should make things WONDERFUL at the airport.

Glad you got the book off and can spend time with the family! I bet they missed you!

Dru said...

No snow predicted for us here, but up north they're getting snow. :(

I'm glad you're enjoying your time with your family. Treasure these times.

Have a good Thursday.

Melissa said...

Oh, I really want some snow but I hope it doesn't impact your family, Amy! And yes, my family is very happy.

Thanks Dru!!! I was in such a crunch with the last two books due to my hands it was worse than normal. My next two books should be much better! At least I'm praying they will be!

Rottie_mom said...

WE GOT SNOW FOR 5 HRS IN HOUSTON TX lol. To say we were all pretty excited would be an understatment lol

I haven't seen snow in years and it was nice to see it again.

Jane said...

I'm wishing for a white Christmas.

limecello said...

Sooo cute! Awe the last one! :\ I'm still not done with finals yet. Sad.

catslady said...

The pics always put a smile on my face!
My daughter moved out for college (got her own apt) and she lives 2 hrs. north of us near Lake Erie. 3 times now she has gotten over a foot of snow! We've hardly had any considering.