Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Looks like a White Christmas

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I've been dreaming of a white Christmas ever since 1998. That was the last time we had one. It snowed so much on the 23rd that we had to put chains on the car to make the drive to the airport the morning of the 24th. We were flying to NY to spend Mackenna's first Christmas with hubby's family.

Ten years later, we'll be having another white Christmas except this time the weather will keep us at home. I already spoke to my mom. She's disappointed we won't be driving down today, but better safe than sorry. After watching the news reports, I don't want to be on the roads with all that ice. Especially when the weather report says it's only going to get worse. Snow has been falling all morning again.

We usually spend today with my family and Christmas day with hubby's brother. But his brother moved to New York so this will be our first Christmas all alone since our very first Christmas together back in 1995. Though then we had friends over for brunch and then others for dinner so not quite all alone.

It should be nice and quiet and very, very white!

What are your plans for today and tomorrow?

Also, Myrna Mackenzie posted a really romantic Christmas montage video at the Wedding Planners blog. Check it out here!


Virginia said...

I will be traveling to my sister's house, which use to be my mothers house, so I guess you can say I am going home.

The weather hear is really windy and stormy, it has rain for the past two days and we have water standing in our back yard like a pond. We didn't get much rain over the summer and now its making up for it.

Dru said...

I'm home from work and plan to spend the day resting because tomorrow I'll be at my mom's.

I'm still dreaming of a white Christmas, but it looks like we're going to have a wet Christmas here.

Enjoy the snow.

Brandy said...

I can't remember the last time we had a white Christmas here. I think I was a toddler. *G*
Sorry your plans were changed.
Today we're spending the afternoon and evening with the Out-laws, maybe a Christmas party and Midnignt Mass and tomorrow just us and the kids until the afternoon when the Out-laws come over.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Eve!

Amy said...

Like you, the weather's keeping us home. So it will be a nice alone day.

Happy Holidays!

Jane said...

I was hoping for a white Christmas, but I don't think it's going to happen. I'll be staying in tomorrow looking forward to the big dinner.

limecello said...


I feel like we haven't had one in a few years :( it makes me so mad, because I'm sure in like a week we're going to be hit with tons of blizzards. Which is just how it goes.

Right now we're experiencing major windstorms - it's literally howling outside. Luckily the dog I'm watching is quite calm. HOWEVER. It's all rain and wet, which means it's slime and mud - soon to be ice, and I JUST washed the dog. (He's 110 lbs -and white) and now he's all gross again. lol end rant. I promise :X

Happy Holidays everyone!

catslady said...

This weather is so strange - for the first time since I can remember we will NOT be having a white christmas. I live in western PA and it's almost unheard of. It was in the 30's yesterday, today we hit 58!!! tomorrow is in the 20's - up and down constantly. At the moment we're getting rain.