Thursday, December 18, 2008

O Christmas Tree

Okay, I finally got pictures of the tree. Here are some before and after shots:

Another angle:

And finally, here it is with the flash turned off so you can see the lights:

I still have decorations to put up. I decided to watch Surviving Christmas instead of decorate last night. So my Dept. 56 houses remain in the closet. I ran out of Commando strips so only got the cat and dog stockings up on the staircase, not ours on the fireplace. But there's still time. Though Christmas cards have me a little worried. I'll try to figure those out tonight!

How are you doing with Christmas stuff?


Melissa said...

On the preview, the pictures came out next to each other, but not when I published. I thought I did it right with the floating images, so have no idea how to fix it. Sorry!


Sarita Leone said...

What a beautiful tree! Great ornaments, and I love the angel at the top. Oh, I just really love Christmas trees, don't you? Thanks for sharing your tree with us. :)

Waiting for the snow to start here. We're expecting about a foot tomorrow but the sky looks like it's thinking of dropping the white stuff early. A great backdrop for today's baking!

Hope you're enjoying the season.

Brandy said...

Your tree is gorgeous! Did your kids help decorate it?
As for Christmas stuff? I am done. D-o-n-e. Thank goodness.

I hope you have a good day! (Stay warm and safe with all that snow!)

Melissa said...

Thanks! For a fake tree, it came out kind of nice. Hubby was surprised.

And yes, Brandy, the kids helped me decorate it. It takes forever because almost all our ornaments have some kind of story so I have to tell the story to the three of them before someone hangs it on the tree. Plus we have lots of old ones from when hubby was a kid and then the ones the kidlets have made as well as my niece and nephews!

We have a lot of snow and it keeps falling. After lunch we start baking! I can't wait.

Jane said...

Your tree is lovely. I like the lights.

Dru said...

Your tree is gorgeous. I noticed a Mets ornament hanging on one the branches..what no Yankee ornament?

They say we're having snow...I'll believe it when I can stomp down in it.

Melissa said...


There was a Yankee ornament, Dru, but I think that broke last year. I'll have to ask Finn. He might have grabbed it so the girls couldn't put it on. But I'm thinking it broke because it was a glass ball type were as the Mets is resin. We still need to find a Jets ornament one of these days! Everything out here is Seahawks.

Hope you get snow!!!!! We had a break. The kids can make it to Irish dance so that's a good thing. I'm staying home and making fudge.

Virginia said...

I really love your tree. You done a good job decorating.

limecello said...

Great tree decorating! Ours looks something like yours -I love the pics where the lights show!
For me... well half done (all done?) we never do stockings until Christmas Eve (and this year will be Christmas since sister doesn't get in until the day of) - and my mom would lay them against our doors in the middle of the night :)

catslady said...

It's a beautiful tree and cleanup will be easier lol.

I did most of my Christmas cards today but still have some shopping to do and all the wrapping. But because my oldest daughter and her new husband our visiting his relatives this year out of state we will wait and have Christmas when they come back.

Melissa said...

Thanks, Virginia!

limecello - Santa leaves our filled stockings against the hearth. They are too heavy to hang by the fireplace once they have all the goodies in them. That's the first thing the kids reach for on Christmas morning--their stockings.

catslady - will you have the puppy while they are away? That could make for an interesting Christmas.