Friday, June 07, 2013

Hai! Yoda iz Back!

Yoda the Ninja Cat
Iz been too buzy being a ninja to blog for MomE. But she iz worried about me. Iz helping her.

A lady in the white coat sayz something iz wrong with my heart. She sayz Iz need to see heart doctor. We go today.

Iz tellz MomE I only 3 1/2. Iz a Ninja Cat. Iz adorable. My heartz good.

She still worry. Put away little red light thingy I chase.

So we will go to see this heart doc.

I wantz red light thingy back.


Brandy said...

Praying for y'all today! Hugs and scritches for Yoda!

Quilt Lady said...

Praying everything goes well with Yoda

Maria Zannini said...

He is just too sweet. Hope all goes well.

Jane said...

Hope the doctor's visit goes, Yoda. Will be thinking of you.