Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Release Day!

The paperback version of my June book, The Man Behind the Pinstripes, goes on sale today! Now both formats are available!

I limit the reviews I read of my books, but I always check RT Book Review. I did this weekend, and I'm thrilled with what they had to say about my "dog" book. That's what I've been calling this story from the time I brainstormed it!
THE MAN BEHIND THE PINSTRIPES (4) by Melissa McClone: Caleb Fairchild, CEO of a skincare company, has always been cautious with women and careful about maintaining his professional image. But there’s something about Becca Taylor that makes his pulse race. Becca is trying to turn over a new leaf and erase her bad girl image when she is hired as a consultant for Caleb’s billion-dollar business. The two quickly butt heads, but both learn that life is all about taking risks in business and in love. Clearly, McClone is a fan of four-legged friends and she portrays their significance in this tale beautifully. Her latest is well written with likable characters — and canines.
Reviewed By: Jaime A. Geraldi
Chaos and Nash
I love that the reviewer mentions the dogs since they are secondary characters in the book. Chaos and Nash agree! I have a feeling that's because there's a Norwegian Elkhound in the book named Maurice. There's also many other types of dogs, too.

I'm planning to get a newsletter out soon. This will be my first in many years so if you want a copy there's a signup link in the right sidebar. Be assured, I won't be sending out lots and lots of newsletters. Just ones to announce releases or any big news.

Hope you have a nice day!