Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Life Imitating Art

Becca Taylor, the heroine in my current release The Man Behind the Pinstripes, is a dog handler. This weekend I got a taste of what she does.

On Saturday, I took Grand Finale, a beautiful Norwegian Elkhound, into the ring.

Yeah, not what I planned on happening. I'd brought ring clothes just in case, but figured I'd just be holding leads. And it turned out exactly how you think it would.

Pretty much a nightmare.

I've been to handling classes with my daughter, but just to help out. I don't know how to stack or do much.

But there I was.

Did I mention it was a nightmare?

Poor Grand Finale.

But we survived.

She got lots of chicken.

I didn't trip or fall.

Hubby took a video of me in there but I haven't watched it yet. I lived it, no reason to see it again. But maybe I'll watch it someday. Then again, maybe not!

Hope you had a nice weekend!