Monday, June 24, 2013


For once I woke up on a Monday morning fully rested. That took falling asleep early. Unplanned, of course. I'd been writing last night. I remember closing my eyes for just a minute. The next thing I knew hubby was taking my MacBook Pro off me and my glasses. I'd been asleep for two hours.

I got up, changed into jammies, brushed my teeth and went straight back to bed. Even the puppy behaved himself this morning and waited until after 5 am to want out. Amazing how nice even a Monday morning looks when you're not tired!

We had a great weekend. Swim meet all three days and soccer on Friday. A good thing I'm rested because it's going to be a busy week with a soccer Jamboree tonight and a three day tournament this coming weekend, not to mention a dance recital. All of those are for one kid too, our youngest!

But once the recital is over, no more dancing. She had the choice of playing rec soccer and continuing her dance class or playing club soccer and not dancing. She wanted to play at the competitive level so we can scratch one activity off her list!

Hope you had a nice weekend! Enjoy your Monday!


Maria Zannini said...

Good for you for getting a solid night's sleep. Most of us don't get enough sleep, that's for sure.

Quilt Lady said...

No wonder you were so tired! I am not sure how you keep up with it all. You make me tired just talking about it. Not sure I could handle it myself, but maybe when I was younger I might have been able to do it.

Brandy said...

Glad you rested! I am in awe of your schedule. With the kids library events, MA classes and Daughters work schedule it feels like enough. I just have the two- you have three!
Hope your day went well!