Friday, June 21, 2013

Swim Meet

For the second Friday in a row, I'll be at a swim meet. The kids are now in two different age groups which means they don't always swim at the same meets. It gives me more time to wear my swim mom cap!

Not that I sit glued to the races. Lots of down time in between heats to write. Of course the sky is gray and I have a feeling it'll be wet so I'll leave the electronic devices at home and go old school. Pen and paper.

Do you have any plans today?


Quilt Lady said...

My only plans for today was getting my internet back up and running. We ordered a new service from at&t that they were suppose to put in yesterday and they did shut off the old internet yesterday but didn't show up to put the new internet in until late today. I was really mad at them and spent hours on the phone trying get internet back. I hate dealing with at&t

Brandy said...

I'm late! Oops. Have to say I love this picture! Hope your weekend went well!