Sunday, December 30, 2007

And the free book goes to...

Today isn't just the day I give out a free book to someone who posted a comment on the blog. It's also hubby's birthday! After Mass this morning, we went out to breakfast. Today I'm going to make him a cake, devil's food with chocolate icing, and wrap his gifts. Tonight, a bunch of us are getting together for dinner at the Rhinelander and a visit to see the Festival of Lights at the Grotto. It's the same thing we did last year, but he didn't want to do anything different this year.

Here are your random numbers:

Timestamp: 2007-12-30 18:27:22 UTC

This week's win a book winner is Marianne again. She won with a comment on my "Post-Christmas Wrapup" post. Marianne, please pick a book off the list here and email me your choice and snail address. Thanks!

Last week's winner, Marianne, chose The Runaway Duke by Julie Anne Long.

If you posted a comment on Christmas Day, make sure you read the comment section. I've only heard from Brandy, Dru and Tori. Thanks!

As I was cleaning my closet, I found a couple of new books I'd received in my goodie bag at the romance readers luncheon I attended. I also have a few duplicates of books already selected on the list. I'll add those to the giveaway list in 2008.


Nathalie said...

Well... so today is a celebration too!!

Congrats Marianne :)
And Melissa... you are continuing this in 2008! You are very generous.

I just finished reading Win, Lose or Wed and I really liked it, which surprised me because I have never watched the Amazing Race and I am not a fan of reality shows in general (others than the ones that have a dancing theme!)

catslady said...

Well lightening does strike twice lol congrats Marianne!

Happy Birthday to your hubby - sounds like a nice day.

Tori Lennox said...

Congrats, Marianne!!!

Happy birthday to your DH! :)

Marianne Arkins said...

Wish I could win the Powerball, too! LOL...

I'll take a look at the list, but I think I'm leaning toward the other historical because it was a tough choice last week.


Happy birthday to the hubster. I saw on The Weather Channel that Mt. Hood has gotten 47" of snow in the past three days. Holy cow!

Dru said...

Congrats Marianne!

Happy Birthday to hubby!

Brandy said...

Congratulations on the win Marianne!

And Happy Birthday to your Hubby!

I hope y'all have a fantastic time tonight!