Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Win, Lose...or Wed!

My book goes on sale today! Yep, this is the second shameless self promoting post for year. What can I say? I write books, it would be nice if people read them. Even nicer if they bought them! Hint. Hint.

Okay, hopefully I've appeased the hubby now about why I have this blog. Back to our regularly scheduled programming...

I just finished all the extras I need to send my editor for Christmas on the Mountain. Now all I have to do is wait for revisions.

Last night was TV night. I missed Chuck again except for the last couple of minutes (which were very good.) But I was totally disappointed with last night's Heroes. I really wanted to like it. I wanted to find myself on the edge of my seat like the end of last season. I did love what happened to Adam, very clever of Hiro and I wouldn't expect any less from him. But the rest of the show? Just didn't work for me.

** Spoiler and Rant Alert **

Why kill a hero when she was going to die anyway from the virus? Were they trying to say the virus killed her anyway by stripping her of powers that would have allowed her to survive? Yes, Nicki showed she was a true hero, powers or not, by rescuing and saving Monica, but I felt cheated. There was nothing that stabbed at the heart, no reaction except for me to wonder if this was one of the parts they changed due to the WGA strike.

And the same with the ending. Um, were the writers trying to do some kind of parallel with Claire and her biological father both wanting to tell the public about their powers yet have the HRG man stop them? Seemed weak and lazy, if that was the case. And so what if Nathan got shot? We know Peter's blood will save him. After all, Claire's blood saved another gunshot wound victim earlier in the episode. And did anyone think for a second Sylar wouldn't be back cured and ready to kill again?

Let's hope the writer's strike gives Heroes' creative staff time to get their mojo back because it seems to have gone missing. And I'd hate to think my favorite show will end up like LOST.

** End Spoiler and Rant Alert **

This afternoon, we will brave the rain and the traffic hassles it brings when we head down to Portland for Irish dance classes. But until then, I'm going to take the rest of the day off from writing and see if I can finally make it start looking like Christmas around here.

What are your plans?