Friday, December 28, 2007

Simply Enchanting

We saw Enchanted yesterday. It was the first movie the five of us had attended together since Over The Hedge. With the cost of movie tickets we usually just buy the DVD when it comes out. It's cheaper that way. But my cp had already given me the thumbs-up-must-see on the movie after she, her husband and another couple saw it together. Given I love fairy tales, princes and princesses, I knew this was one movie I wanted to see in the theater.

I wasn't disappointed.

"Mommy will be buying this DVD," my oldest said as we exited the theater. She was correct. This romance writer of happily ever afters loved Enchanted.

Amy Adams plays Giselle and is a delight in the movie. I can't imagine someone else in that role. James Marsden is a great Prince Edward, too. My fave part of the movie was the big musical number in Central Park when Giselle starts singing much to the dismay of Robert played by Patrick Dempsey.

Several shots in the movie pay homage to movies (Disney and others) that came before, including the clip I posted above.

The clever script was written by Bill Kelly. It's not without a few flaws. In true Disney fashion, Kelly gave each character a HEA. The only one that left me with an "okay, I guess" feeling was Prince Edward's. The others, however, including the two "authors", were perfect! And hubby had issues with Robert's wife leaving him. (I reminded him I used the same backstory for my In Deep Waters hero, Ben Mendoza, so he wouldn't believe in love, but hubby's point was this was a kid's film and I do see his point. Why not just kill off the wife?) But it's still a wonderfully crafted, enjoyable story. Here's a story techniques article written by John Truby about Enchanted that writers might find interesting. I did.

Have you seen Enchanted? If so, what did you think? If not, do you plan on seeing it or not?