Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Post-Christmas Wrap-up

I was out the door before 6 am to hit Kohls. I'm donating a Christmas Basket to the kids school and figured this would be the perfect day to buy things on sale. Then I had to swing by Toys R Us because my youngest turns five in a few weeks and wants a Leapster. They had games buy one get one free. Michael's is right next door so I dropped by there, too.

I now have enough things for four or five baskets, plus all the stuff I need to put together really cute teacher gifts next Christmas! I couldn't help myself. I just love buying Christmas things.

Our day was great yesterday. We even had snow! It was very exciting and just what I'd been praying for. Unfortunately, the snow didn't stick, but it was lovely watching the big white flakes fall from the sky. The only thing that didn't go well was my brother-in-law's girlfriend was sick so she couldn't come. Other than that, everything was wonderful.

Let's see: Present opening in the morning (we'd gone to Mass on Christmas Eve), the day spent playing with all the new things and then dinner. We smoked a Prime Rib and had Alaskan King Crab legs, too. Mashed potatoes, asparagus, cranberry sauce, salad and crescent rolls rounded out the menu. Dessert consisted of a buffet of chocolate fondue (with assorted items for dipping), Baskin Robbins ice cream birthday cake and various baked goods.

The kids loved all their gifts. Faves for each:

Mackenna - Tamagotchi from Santa
Finn - Guitar from us
Rose - Bitty Twins and stroller from Santa

The biggest hit though seems to be the Wii that my parents gave the kids on Christmas Eve. We didn't set it up until after dessert last night and now that's all hubby wants to do. I fear I will become a Wii widow. I already made them turn it off. That lasted approximately eight minutes when hubby decided that had been long enough. The good thing is he's playing with the kids. The bad thing is he's very competitive and wants to win. Sigh...

Oh, and the tortoise I gave my nephew was a big hit, too. It's name is Yoshi!

Hope everyone had a nice time yesterday.

Also, if you commented on my Christmas post, please make sure you go to the comments and read my post. I have something for you!


Brandy said...

Sounds as though everyone had a great day! oooh, yum, chocloate fondue! Have you seen that commercial where the woman sticks her head under the chocolate fountain? It's hilarious!
Ooh and a Wii? Your parents are cool!
Have a wonderful day today, although you already have a fantastic start to it! *G*

Cherlyn Michaels said...

Woo hoo!!!! The best gifts are the unexpected ones. :-) Thanks Melissa! I'm looking forward to a good new read. Let me see... :-)

Marianne Arkins said...

Figures... I didn't comment, but I did read it (I even stole your YouTube video *G*).

Teach me.

Merry Christmas you Wii widow... Those things are evil. LOL...

Dru said...

You are so creative, that is great that you're donating baskets.

Your Christmas meal sounds delish.

I was thinking about the Wii, but still don't know what to do with it.

Thanks for the surprise book giveaway.

catslady said...

I just got back on the computer after being off for 3 days because we were lucky enough to have my daughter and her fiance visit from out of town. Last year she gave him a Wii and he takes it with him when he visits and we have such a ball with it. It's probably good we don't own one because it is extremely addictive (but fun lol).

Melissa said...

Brandy - that commercial sounds hilarious! I love those fountains. We just have a pot someone bought us from Crate and Barrel for a wedding gift.

Cherlyn -your welcome. Unexpected things like that are always fun. I'd decided to do that on Christmas Eve so it was fun when I checked back and saw that people had actually commented on Christmas!

Marianne - Well, that's what you get for stealing and dashing off like that. LMAO! And Wii's are evil. I realize that now.

Dru - Thanks! I love putting together baskets. It's so much fun. I have yet to play the wii.

Catslady - oh, no. That's what I was afraid of *g* I'm going to have to set some limits for hubby on this thing!