Saturday, December 29, 2007

Random Things

I posted in the comment section yesterday that I started writing the new book. The working title is Princess Nobody. I'm not sure what I'm doing or where I'm going with it, but by the time I shut down the iBook for the night I had seven pages. Not bad! I'm still trying to figure out who the characters are, but it was really fun to sit down at a blank screen and write. I can't wait to get back to it which is surprising since this is the part I usually don't like! Taking a break from writing was definitely what I needed!

But my mind is on the story so I really couldn't think of anything in particular to blog about so this will be pretty random today.

This morning I was trying to find my long underwear shirt. I'd already searched for it before to no avail so I decided to take everything out of the shelves and the dresser in my closet. As soon as I did that, I found it. It was on the bottom of a stack of summer clothes. I didn't know how it had gotten there until I remembered a hike I took in June in the rain. Of course, with everything out, it was the perfect time to organize the shelves and drawers.

I'm beginning to think my cold that won't go away is now the result of an allergy to our Christmas tree. Nothing else makes sense. Granted, we got the tree after I got sick, but my runny nose and cough have only gotten worse over the last couple of weeks. It seems like every year I get a cold around Christmas time and last year thought it could be the tree (mold spores, actually). I asked hubby if we could try an artificial tree this year, but he said no way. We had the tree shaken, but next year I'll try spraying it down with water to remove more spores before bringing it inside. We usually leave the tree up until Epiphany, but I'm not sure I want to suffer that long.

When I went out shopping a couple of days before Christmas, I picked up a couple extra book-type gifts from us to the kidlets. You can never have too many books no matter how old you are! I got Mackenna and Finn the Daring/Dangerous Book for Girls/Boys, a Fairy/Tinkerbell reading set for Rose and a really cool hardcover set of the Spiderwick Chronicles in a cardboard chest for Mackenna. She started and finished book one today. She's already moved on to book two. I love when something captures their attention like that.

Hope you have a great Saturday. Hubby wants to stay home and watch the Patriots play tonight. (Did I mention we're tied for first place with our fantasy football team. If we win this weekend, we win the league!) I want to take the kids to Zoolights since the rest of our nights until it ends are booked. I'm guessing the weather will decide what we do.

Do you have any plans for today?


Tori Lennox said...

I think if I was allergic to the Christmas tree, I'd put my foot down with the DH. But that's just me. *g*

What is The Spiderwick Chronicles about? I saw it had been made into a movie and thought it looked interesting.

Marianne Arkins said...

Go Pats!! WOOT!... I'm smack dab in the middle of Pats territory. People are SCARY here.

(I'm a 49ers fan... yes really, and I can even say that with a straight face).

Too bad about the tree :-(

My DD loves those fairy books, too!

Kim said...

Hi! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are feeling better! My children are readers too and I want to recommend the book Edward Tulane to you. Abbi and Nate loved it! We blasted through the Spiderwick series, but my daughter said they were a little scary. ;) Have a great day!

Nathalie said...

I never heard of those chronicles... maybe I am a bit too old!

What I did today... I was reading... I won a complete set of Julianne MacLean's books... and I have a week of vacation! I have to read fast!

Brandy said...

I love buying and introducing kids to books! Daughter loves to read and I am hoping once Son reads better, he'll love it too.

As for the tree, gracious, I never thought of mold spores being on the tree! We took ours down the day after Christmas because it was shedding too badly. *g*

I hear you on the never-ending cold. *sigh*

I hope you are able to see the lights this evening and that your family has a good time!

Melissa said...

Tori - I just started the first book of Spiderwick last night. It's about three kids (parents divorced) who move into an old house. It looks like fairies, trolls and ogres will be involved.

Marianne - after so many years and season tickets all those years of living in the Bay Area, I'm a diehard niner fan.

Kim - thanks! So far Mackenna hasn't been scared by the spiderwick books though the movie preview did scare her a little. I looked up that book you mentioned. It's by one of my daughter's fave authors. I'll make sure to pick it up for them. Thanks for the recommendation.

Nathalie - enjoy your contest win! You are on a roll with all these free books.

Brandy - no lights last night. Football ruled due to all the rain. It was still a fun night though. We got to eat in front of the TV while the game was on. The kids were very excited about that.