Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Smile and A Song

Being the youngest of three children can't be easy.  Being dragged to everything your older siblings do and always wondering when will it be my turn. 

Last night, Rose got the opportunity to be like her big sister and brother and perform at the kidlets' Christmas piano recital.  She started piano lessons in September so I was a little surprised she would be performing a song, but she was thrilled and practiced her song almost every day.  

When we arrived at the teacher's house, she was so excited (and wearing a new dress we'd picked up that afternoon at Kohl's.)  She kept glancing over as various children played.  Then it was the McClone kids turn.  Hubby readied the video camera.

As Finn played his songs, she sat at her piano all smiles.  No nervousness, no fidgeting, nothing.  When it was Rose's turn, her teacher boasted that she was only four.  Rose played her song (The Snowman) perfectly, then sit perfectly still while Mackenna played her two songs.  As she walked over to us afterwards, totally beaming, you could see how proud she was.  Her practice had paid off and she'd done it all herself.  It was one of those moments I want to remember forever.  

I never took piano lessons, but I played clarinet through college.  I'd love to learn how to play the piano though.  Did you ever take piano lessons? 


Marianne Arkins said...

That is SO cute!! Yep, I took piano for two years, and never could get the hang of it (much to my mother's dismay -- she's a piano virtuoso!). I ended up playing the flute, quite well, all through high school.

Tori Lennox said...

WTG, Rose!!!

Brandy said...

Woo-Hoo Rose! I bet your smile was from ear to ear! *G*
Yes, I took piano lessons for years and became pretty good at it. But, then I became bored because it's not a talent that travels well. I also took lessons for guitar, but quit after a few months because it became painful. (I couldn't form calluses.) And took lessons for percussion for a few months as well. (I like music.)
My most favorite thing though? Chorus. I LOVE to sing and have a knack for it. *g*

Tell Rose all your internet
buddies are very proud of her!

Have a fantastic day!

Nathalie said...

That is a proud mom talking.

I took about 10 years of lessons, 5 of them in a music school... though I found it a bit tedious!!

Cherie J said...

How sweet! Never took any kind of instrument lessons. Used to be curious about learning to play the piano. Maybe someday I will take the time and try to learn.

Dru said...

Awww, that is so precious. You must have been one proud mama.

I took piano for one year and the only two songs that I could play by memory was chopstick and lightly row. I gave up on the piano and spent 3 years playing the clarinet until we moved to another school system.