Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Time Wasters

Last night after the kids were asleep, the litter boxes cleaned and nothing left to do but sleep, I downloaded a little game someone had posted a link to on the climbing forum I read. I had been waiting until the book was off to try it since, if you remember when I played AOL's Gold Rush game in Fall 2006, I tend to become obsessed with these things. I started playing. And playing. And playing. I glanced at the clock after finishing another level.

1:53 am.

I'm sick and exhausted and spent almost three hours playing a game on my computer? Pathetic.

I truly had no idea it was that late. I was sucked in and lost all track of time (which is why I don't write when I'm alone with the kids unless I'm revising on paper.) Thank goodness I had enough sense not to try the game during deadline. Could you imagine? It wouldn't have been pretty, that's for sure.

Worse, I have so many other things I could have spent three hours on. Sure, a girl needs to have a lot of fun, and I did deserve a break (though I could have really used that sleep!) Still my To Do list has reached the frightening stage. Even my plans for decorating for Christmas didn't go as planned when I became hampered by clutter. Today's goal is to de-clutter.

I'm adding Silver Space Ship game to my list of time wasters and avoiding it for the time being. In case you're interested, that list includes websudoku, and Yahoo IM. YouTube is another bit time waster for me, but I justify going their to find stuff for the blog.

Do you have time wasters that you try to avoid? What are they?


LASR Admin - Romance Reviews said...

I was like that with Roller Coaster Tycoon... Man! I'd spend HOURS and have no idea how long I'd been at it.

LOL... Bet you're just a little tired. And I'm very afraid to click through on that link.

Tori Lennox said...

I've got a Tetris-like game for Macs that I play way more than I should.

Melissa said...

Don't click it, Marianne. I hesitated putting the link and if you notice I didn't put them for my other time wasters!

Yep, I'm exhausted. I'm flying solo this week with the kids, too.

Oh, I found an on-line Tetris like game, Tori. Luckily I forgot to bookmark it. Saved myself there.

Nathalie said...

I love doing crosswords with mom... it is almost an obsession!! And sometimes I have to to get away from the newspaper because it is such a temptation and I have studies to attend to!

Cherie J said...

I love doing the find a word games but I definitely consider it a time waster. With a 1 year old daughter and a 4 year old son my time is at a premium and with what little time I have left after their in bed I would rather use reading. It helps me to relax and unwind.

Bailey Stewart said...

Who said I'm trying to avoid them?

My latest is still Christmas Hangman. Oh, and blogging.

Brandy said...

Ooh, time wasters, just what I don't need!
My cell-phone has 2 games and I play one of them obsessively. *g* Zuma will be the ruin of me! I just can't get past level 12!

Have a nice day and good luck decluttering.

Dru said...

I love the different type of solitaire card games. If I get in a groove, I could go on forever. I burnt food playing solitaire.

Is reading books a time waster? I know if I'm reading a good book, I hate having to put it down to do stuff.

Were you able to cross out some items on your To-Do-List?

Nathalie said...

Solitaire... I had this obsession a while back... it is a time waster and gives a headache because you almost lose at every turn!

catslady said...

I did the goldrush for a long while but my very worst obsession is diamond mind. I bought it so I don't have to be online. So many wasted hours!

catslady said...

hahaha okay that's diamond mine! See, it's turned my mind to mush. Oh and is a good one - at least it is doing some good.

tam said...

stop clicking and more sleep !

Bailey Stewart said...

TestTwist is another one.

Melissa said...

Oh, I'm so happy to hear I'm not alone with the time wasters! Thank you!

Oh, Nathalie, I used to be so into crosswords. One of my finest moments was actually doing an entire NY Times puzzle.

Reading is never a time waster IMHO, Dru. Otherwise I'd be wasting my time writing books for people to read. LMAO on burning food!!!!

Welcome catslady. I have never heard of Diamond Mind. I'm not sure I want to!!!! I sleep in the Gold Rush T-shirt I won. I love that thing. Yep and the freerice is a good one too!

I have a feeling I know who tam is. Uh-oh. I may be in trouble.

Where do you find all of these, Bailey? What is test twist?

Bailey Stewart said...

You don't want to know - it's VERY addictive. But it's like the game Boggle.