Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Turtle mania

I'm giving one of my nephews a Russian tortoise for Christmas so I've been learning all I can about the species.

My sister called me today to find out more details. I think we have it all figured out. At least I hope so. I'm going tomorrow to get all the stuff the turtle is going to need. I've arranged with the pet store to pick the tortoise up on Christmas Eve morning and they also told me how to gift wrap it.

It's taken research, phone calls, you name it, but seeing my nephews face when he finally gets what he's been asking for will be worth it. But I've gotta admit, I think this is the last year I'm giving live presents. Last year I gave my niece and nephews a Chocolate Lab puppy. It's a lot more work than say, a book or DVD. Are there any presents you won't give?

Hope you're having a great Wednesday!


Amy Addison said...

Yay on the turtle! You nephew will be so happy (and I'm assuming Mom gave permission for such a gift). My boys got a red-foot tortoise last year. My one piece of advice: Find a reputable exotic pet vet. Most of the information out there for these little guys is WRONG. Bad care advice almost killed our poor little Mater before we found a good vet for him.

This year the kidlets are asking for a puppy. We found a shelter dog we all fell in love with. Just waiting on Dad's ok.

Melissa said...

Yes, I got parental permission first. My nephew has wanted one a turtle for a a year, but after a little research decided a tortoise was the way to go for him. I don't think he'll know the difference.

Thanks for letting me know about an exotic pet vet, Amy. I hadn't even thought about that.

And a puppy! Oh, I hope your hubby says yes. That would be a lot of fun. Though a lot of work for you!

Good luck!

Brandy said...

I don't give live gifts for the holidays. AFTER the holidays is better for that. I won't give clothes to adults or kids. (P.J.'s to the kids are the one exception to my self-imposed rule.) Other than that, it's fair game. *g*
You'll have to let us know what your nephew thought of the turtle!

Have a good evening!

Melissa said...

Last year I gave the puppy before Christmas. That worked out well. And I will be sure to let you all know about how the gift works out.

I have bought clothes for people, but usually stick to sport stuff. Underarmor, hoodies, stuff like that. And jammies are a must since we open those on Christmas Eve.

Lily said...

Giving animals... it must be hard... imagine it turns out to be quite agitated! or that they give it back...

I don't give books or DVDs because I don't know if my family would like them :)

Melissa said...

Lily - I know the tortoise could come back to me someday. That was built in when I decided to give it, and should that happen I'm up for it.

I knew the dog wouldn't be coming back because, well, my sister and b-i-l fell in love the first time they saw it. I was hoping it might come back though ;)

Dru said...

I won't give clothes and unless I know your style, I won't buy books or dvds.

The last live gift I gave to someone was a goldfish and that was many many years ago.

Marianne Arkins said...

Shopping for kids is easy, and I DO buy clothes for my DD sometimes because she LOVES them. And, I appreciate gifts of clothing from people who know me well enough to buy stuff I'd like. I am not a clothes horse, and usually wait until I'm next to naked before I shop for myself...

Live gifts? Haven't. Want to. DD wants a pet of ANY kind -- even fish. DH says "no".


You're a good auntie.

windycindy said...

My gift restriction is~ please give me ideas. Truly, no one that I know really "needs" anything. That is why I ask what they would enjoy! Then, I go shopping. Cindi

Tori Lennox said...

Are Russian tortoises better than other nationalities? *g*

Cherie J said...

I don't give live gifts at all. It's just too much trouble and requires too much preparation. With a one year old and a four year old in the house I barely can find the time to shop, never mind give pets as gifts.

Melissa said...

Dru - clothing for me can be the easiest if I know someone well. You see an item and just think of the person and know it's perfect for them. I think non-fiction books are easier than fiction. Unless it's a child, then they are easy to buy books for.

Thanks, Marianne. I love being an auntie, but it's hard when my kids are the same age. The best was when it was just my nephew (almost 13.) I'd take him for the night and we'd have so much fun together. I remember watching Rudolph with him for his first time. I wish I could have the same time with the others like I had with him.

So true, windycindy. That's why I've resorted to food gifts this year. Baskets, towers, boxes, that kind of thing. Just seems like everyone likes to eat so it seems a good choice.

Tori - russian tortoises are perfect for what my nephew would like and my sister can handle!

cherie J - I hear you on that. And if I were smarter I wouldn't give live gifts, but I'm a total softie when it comes to my niece and nephew so that overrules logic most of the time when it comes to gift giving.