Friday, December 19, 2008

Cats and guest blogging

I'll be blogging at The Wedding Planners today. The topic: More Wedding Movies. I found one that's coming on Lifetime tomorrow and one that's premiering at theaters in January. Hope you have time to stop by and say hi!

I did want to leave you something here. I found this on YouTube. It's an old Christmas commercial:

I just love to hear a cat purr! Did you know they've done studies and found the frequency of purring helps heal broken bones and things? Not sure how scientific the studies were, but that's pretty cool. I know my cats would lie near my hands and arms and purr when they were really hurting me!

I'm slowly getting through my To Do list. I sat down to figure out Christmas cards, but my inbox was really bugging me. So last night I went through over 2000 unread emails on one of my email accounts. You can't believe how good it feels to have all those gone! Many I just ended up deleted, but I found a couple I couldn't believe I'd missed. I baked chocolate chip cookies, and we put together a gingerbread house so we can decorate it today! And I also talked to a friend of mine on the telephone and caught up on what's been going on. Something I haven't done much of lately. It's so great to have my life back!

Before I forget, all the gift cards from the November contest have been sent according to the various websites I ordered from. I've heard back from two of the winners so I'm hoping the third also got her prize! Please let me know if you didn't.

Hope you have a great Friday! It'll be interesting to see what kind of weather we end up with today!


Dru said...

That commercial was so cute.

Marianne Arkins said...

Awww... cute commercial! Going to WP, now.

Sarita Leone said...

What a sweet commercial! Great way to begin the day, thanks.

Melissa said...

I really liked the commercial, too. I just love what you can find on YouTube without really even trying! I don't know where people come up with stuff like this but it's pretty cool!

Tori Lennox said...

Oops! I suspect I'm the culprit who forgot to tell you she got her gift certificate. Sorry! i did. Thank you!!! :) And the books arrived in today's mail, too. Fun!

catslady said...

I could get lost in youtube and lolcats - I had never seen that one before but it's really sweet. I usually fall asleep with one cat purring on my chest and 4 of my 6 will surround me in bed most nights.

limecello said...

Adorable commercial! :X Hm I think I won on the blog at some point but can't remember when. I'm not home anyway - am house/dog sitting. (A 110 lb champion Great Pyr -eek!)

Brandy said...

Awww, cute commercial. There aren't many sounds better than a cat purring. *G*
Have fun decorating the gingerbread house, you'll have to take pictures!
Have a wonderful day!

Whoa! My word verification is: caring. *G*

Jane said...

Very cute.

Virginia said...

Very cute.

Our tempts today was around 60 degrees, rained this morning and the sun was up this afternoon and it was a beautiful day, but the tempts are going to be around 0 on sunday and snow. Its like they always say about KY if you don't like the weather, stick around a few days and it will change.

Melissa said...

limecello - I sent your books. The winners I meant were the three who won gift cards in the November contest!

I can't believe it, but it's snowing once more. The roads were so slick in our neighborhood when I went out that I stayed home once I got back even though I wanted to go somewhere else. Portland was fine though.

We got the gingerbread house done. I'll definitely post pics.