Saturday, December 20, 2008

An Early Morning

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This was me and my youngest around five am this morning. Except we were sitting in the bathroom with the shower going and steam surrounded us.

I woke up thinking a seal had decided to move in. The barking, croupy cough dragged me out of bed and down the hall. The poor thing sounded miserable. Having been through this before, I knew what could happen so had hubby steam up the bathroom while I carried her in. We sat there, just like the cats in the picture. Through coughing, tears and yawns, I had her breathing in the steam and soon she was feeling better.

She wanted to go back to her own bed, but I took her to ours instead. It was a little crowded with all the four-footed babies on there, too, but she finally fell asleep. So did I.

Anyway, I haven't uploaded the gingerbread house pics yet, but will. The kidlets did a great job.

I also managed to get my Christmas cards ordered at Costco. I also do a photo card and this year they had ones with more than one picture. I picked the one with four pictures. I know they'll be small, but I chose pictures from January (Disneyland), March (Smith Rock), August (Leavenworth) and October (Halloween.) We never got around to getting a family photo around the tree so I'll have to have one snapped sometime soon.

Now to figure out when I can get out to get them. It snowed last night again. I haven't peeked out the window yet so have no idea what we'll be facing today. My goal is to have them out by Dec. 24th.


Dru said...

I hope youngest is feeling better as the day passes by.

Have a good Saturday!

Melissa said...

Thanks Dru. Her breathing is so much better. I was thinking we might have to call the doctor, but the steam really helped. Her cough sounds more normal now with no wheeziness at all. A good thing since chains are required on the roads around Portland.

She's now got the sniffles and sounds like a cold is settling in. The other kids are out playing in the snow, but she asked if she could stay inside and play with her butterfly dominoes instead so I know she's not feeling that well. She didn't bat an eye when I said I thought a nappy would be a good idea after lunch. Now she's got Spirit in her doll stroller and rolling the cat around.

Jane said...

Glad she's feeling better.

catslady said...

Hope she's all better soon - especially for Christmas. I actually had a feral kitten with pneumonia and did the same thing lol.

I received all my books, Melissa. Thank you so very much. The last one was a hard back too!!!!

catslady said...

Oh and I meant to add that has to be one of the cutest cat pictures that I've every seen!

limecello said...

Awe- I hope your youngest feels better! What a cute pic.

Melissa said...

Thanks all! She no longer coughing. A cold I can deal with. It's that cough when things start closing up making breathing difficult that scares me! I'm paranoid because a friend once had to call 911 because her little one stopped breathing due to a croupy cough. They had to do the ambulance ride to the hospital in the middle of the night. Very frightening.

Glad everything finally arrived, catslady! I don't want to get behind like that again, but with my hands and the book I just couldn't keep up. At least they are all out of here now. And all the books are now boxed alphabetically!

I really like that picture too. Funny about doing the same thing with one of your cats! I never thought about it, but that would work with them, too!

Virginia said...

Sounds like you may have a case of the croup. My son had it when he was young and I had to build a tent over his bed and run vaporizers in the tent. This helped a lot. He is grown now and has no problems like this except he has a very bad alergy to cats. He can't get around cats at all, so we don't have any pets except fish.

Brandy said...

Glad to hear your youngest is over the cough. It is a scary sound. You were quick thinking to do that! I hope she continues to feel better.

Have a good evening!

(That picture is too, too adorable!)

Marianne Arkins said...

Croup is awful sounding! It seems she's doing better, thankfully. Hope she's all healed up for Christmas.

Rottie_mom said...

Sorry to hear your poor baby had such a bad cough. Hopefully the cold will clear up soon.