Wednesday, June 24, 2009


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Kitteh might be on-line, but my productivity greatly increases when I'm not on-line so I'm limiting my Internet time for a couple of days because I have so much to do. I've preloaded the Crossfit challenge and will try to get blogs up if I reach my writing goals. I've just been stressing out, even with an extension, and need to get caught up on writing and life.

Hope you're having fun wherever you may be!


Sarita Leone said...

I definitely buckle down and get more done when I'm not distracted by being on-line. I hope you get all your work done. Sending good, productive writing thoughts your way.

Oh, and don't forget the chocolate...I really believe it helps a person think, don't you? *G*

Marianne Arkins said...

Good luck with your deadline! And, yeah, the internet is a time suck :-)

We'll be here when you get back.

Dru said...

You do what you have to do and we'll be here when you meet your deadline.

Good luck and yeah, don't forget the chocolate.

Anne-Kathrine said...

Yep the internet is wonderful at sucking hours out of the day and night lol. Good luck with the writing. Oh and I gave you an award :) check out my blog sometime :)

Brandy said...

We'll be here when you get back to us. No worries, your writing is WAY more important. And like Dru said, don't forget the chocolate!

catslady said...

I too agree that it is very addictive and I'm more productive when I stay away lol. We'll be here.

Melissa McClone said...

Thanks all. I'm on the work until midnight get up at six am schedule so really need to focus right now!