Saturday, June 06, 2009

Irish Dance Weekend

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The kidlets are competing this weekend at a local Irish dance feis. My oldest placed fourth in her competition, the first time she'd placed since moving to Preliminary Championship in May. She's very excited.

We ended up bringing home a boy dancer from Seattle for the afternoon so he could play with my son. The two play together every feis, and it was great to get them out of a hotel ballroom for a few hours.

Tomorrow the other two kidlets dance. My son is happier to be dancing this time. He still has a black eye, but it's not nearly as bad as it was in May. My youngest lost one of her front teeth and looks so darn cute when she smiles. I don't like to be a stage mom, but I must admit, I did tell her to make sure she was giving the judge a great big smile!

With all that's been going on here the last couple of weeks, dancing hasn't been a priority. I just hope they go out there and have fun.

Are you having fun where you are?