Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mount Hood and more

Now that I finally got my pics downloaded here are a few that deal with my injury.

On Memorial Day, we arrived at Timberline early. The sun was shining. Perfect conditions for spring skiing. Hubby was going hiking while we skied and took this pic just before the kids and I set out that morning.

Hubby snapped this pic of one of the Snowcats on his way to hike. This is one of the nicer snowcats. When hubby climbed Mt. Hood, he rode up in an older one that they joked had been used when they filmed the movie The Shining. In the background you can see Timberline Lodge.

Chaos and hubby were hiking somewhere east of the lodge. Not exactly sure where, but this is one of the pics he took. She loves the snow and hiking. Her fave part, however, is descending. She loves to run down.

Hubby wanted to take pictures of me getting oxygen and being examined in the Ski Patrol First Aid room, but I waved him off. Talk about adding insult to injury! He settled for this shot.

On Wednesday, I saw a specialist and got a pink cast. This was to hold my thumb in place, and as of my last set of x-rays was working. I have never had a cast before so it was interesting to see how they put it on and how it hardens as it dries.

Here I am with the cast almost done. If you look closely, you can see the bruise on my right arm. I'm so thankful it was only a bruise and not a fracture!

I get more x-rays (praying my wrist really isn't broken!) and a new cast today.I'm still trying to figure out what color to get. Right now I'm leaning toward lime green, but my climbing and Crossfit friend Jen (as well as my son) think camo would be cool. Maybe pink camo. We'll see!