Monday, June 01, 2009

Welcome June!

I am so relieved May is behind me. It was a horrible month for us. The only thing I didn't have to deal with was death. Thank goodness, but I must admit I was wondering what this weekend might bring.

Here's a recap that will explain why the kidlets and I want to skip May next year...

Trips to the hospital: 4
Number of hospitals visited: 3
Number of visits to Ski Patrol First aid: 3
# of CT scans preformed: 2
# of times X-rays taken: 3
IVs: 1
Oxygen: 1
Ambulance rides: 1
Visits to regular doctor: 2
Visit to specialists: 2

I don't dare put in the days I actually managed to write in there. Or a few financial things that surfaced. And a couple of other issues that I just want to forget about.

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and sometimes those curve balls keep coming and coming. No matter how hard you try to hit that ball, you just go down swinging. And occasionally you even get caught looking.

That was our May. I started the month sick after getting my proposal written and turned in, the next week my youngest got really sick, then my son got hit in the face with a baseball, then my fall while skiing.

But now that June's arrived, I have to believe the worst is behind us. Oh, I still have a ways to go with my recovery, and until more x-rays are taken on Thursday surgery is still a possibility, but the writing is finally flowing, and I even found the first song in my book soundtrack for The Best Man and the Bride (working title.)

So it's all good. You hear that June!!!! A-L-L G-O-O-D. I don't want to have to skip you next year, too!