Friday, June 05, 2009

Release Day!

My latest Harlequin Romance, Dream Date with the Millionaire, goes on sale today! If you want to know more about the book check out the This was the book I was writing last year at this time.

I may have already posted this, but here's what RT had to say about the book:
DREAM DATE WITH THE MILLIONAIRE (4) by Melissa McClone: When one of his employees red-flags Dani Bennett's account, BlindDateBrides. com CEO Bryce Delaney investigates her himself. He doesn't expect to click with Dani -- or to actually want to date her -- but before he knows it, they're involved. Dani's admission that she's actually the marketing director for a rival dating site is a bump in the road for both, but the real deal-breaker for Dani is Bryce's need to protect -- and perhaps control -- her. Great characters with a genuine spark between them, a realistically paced romance and just the right amount of humor add up to a winner.

—Catherine Witmer

I'll be writing today. What about you?