Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Norwegian Elkhounds

On Saturday, we attended a gathering of Norwegian Elkhounds as part of an AKC Breed event at the Washington County Fairgrounds in Hillsboro, WA. Here's a picture of some of Norwegian Elkhounds and their owners. A few of the dogs there didn't get in the picture.

We have now met three of Chaos' pups. One happens to live in the housing development next to ours. Two more of Chaos' daughters were at the gathering. This is Athena (on left) and Chaos (on right). Athena lives in Eugene now. Both she and Chaos have similar hind legs and tails that flip in the same direction.

This is Tango, another one of Chaos' daughters. She's the same little puppy we played with in March 2008 when we were first thinking of getting Chaos. It was amazing, especially to Rose, to see how much she had grown.

Here is a picture of Tango back when she was only a couple of months old! This was taken when we met Chaos for the first time. I was amazed how much she looks like Chaos now that she's over a year old. When Tango laid her head on my lap the exact same way Chaos does, my heart melted. More than once I called her Chaos. Tango has many of the same mannerisms including drooling when she sees food and licking people.

Here are two more Elkhounds named Sheba (age 15) and Pepper (less than a year old) who live together. The puppy, Pepper, had boundless energy and wanted to play all the time. Sheba was a lot more mellow and a total sweetheart.

It was a wonderful day of meeting dogs and their owners, having a delicious pot luck lunch and watching a few of the Norwegian Elkhounds compete in a dog show!

Many of the Elkhounds in attendance were rescue dogs. It was wonderful to see them thriving in new homes and surrounded by love. This was one of Chaos' best days ever! Ours, too!