Tuesday, June 09, 2009


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It happened again. When I get home, Chaos is right at the door to greet me. Not this time.

My first thought was she must be asleep. It was a little warm so I figured she must have fallen asleep on the tiled floor of my bathroom.

I walked upstairs to find Chaos standing in the middle of my bedroom surrounded by the three cats. Rocket and Spirit were blocking the door, and Smalls was blocking the way back into the bathroom. Poor doggie! She wanted to badly to get out of there, but wouldn't move.

I really wonder what goes on when I'm gone. Sometimes I see streaks of fur dashing up the stairs when I walk in the door. Too bad I can't install a kitty cam somewhere to see exactly what they are doing to poor Chaos!

At least it's never dull around here with the kitties, kidlets and dog!

Hope you have a great day! I'm heading to OMSI with the kids for science lab field trips. Later it's the final Little League game of the season. And I'll also be writing, writing, writing. That July 1st deadline is fast approaching and that means one thing... Time to buy lots more chocolate!

Anything going on with you?


Brandy said...

National Geographic makes a camera you can put on your pets collar and will take pictures. *G* Have fun today and give Chaos a rub for me. Poor baby, she's outnumbered!

Marianne Arkins said...

Poor puppy... I'd love to see you get a Nanny Cam, lol.

Dru said...

Nothing much is going on with me.

I think Chaos is biding his time before he gets his revenge.

Melissa McClone said...

I'd love to get a camera to see what goes on. I think it would be hilarious. I know the cats do stuff because they have that guilty look on their faces when I get home.

Anne-Kathrine said...

Oh poor Chaos, she is totally abused lol. Would love to see what they do when you aren't home lol