Friday, October 29, 2010

Costumes for Cats

This video brings two thoughts to mind:

1) Life should have a soundtrack. Look how much the music adds to all the costumes. If a soundtrack played through our everyday happenings, we would never miss those important moments. I'm also guessing the murder rate would probably drop, too, as well as violent crime since the music would have us hightailing it out of any iffy situation. Forget about going into any dark place alone. And it would be so much easier to find our one true loves!

2) Humans are insane. I fully admit to spoiling my pets rotten. I'm sure people think I'm a crazy cat woman. My dog is totally pathetic with how much we baby her. But all these costumes specifically designed and manufactured for animals? Total insanity. And yes, I have dressed up my pets, but not to this extent.


Brandy said...

It's bad that I laughed, right? *g* We dress our kitties up, but not to that extent. Hey, I thought I was the crazy cat woman? *g*

Hope your kidlet is feeling better today!

мιяαи∂α♥ said...

Awh, those looked adoreable.

I had won a $5 GiftCard for Amazon that last time, and was wondering when I would get the email ?

Melissa McClone said...

Miranda - I've had an uncle pass away, a daughter get injured and a son get sick on top of an impending deadline. I wanted to get to it sooner, but I will hopefully have them all out this weekend. Sorry, but life just got in the way!

Jane said...

Have a safe and happy Halloween.

мιяαи∂α♥ said...

Oh, Im sorry for your loss.

I didnt mean to rush you.