Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Random Tuesday

funny pictures-needz moar garlic salt
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My youngest, Rose, wants more pets. She's suggested hamsters and turtles. I said no due to the cats. She then said a fish. I need to show her the lolcat above! I can just imagine Smalls sitting there waiting to have a little snack when I walked away.

So far I'm keeping up with my daily pages on the Sleeping Beauty manuscript. I'm actually five ahead of schedule! Fingers crossed that lasts.

I'm also knee deep in crafting. I'm making materials for my church's faith formation program. It will be a year long effort I fear, but the fruits of my effort will last many years beyond that.

I've been giving a new show, The Event, a try. I love conspiracy shows, thrillers, etc. The first two shows held my attention. Last night's show was pretty much a bust. The plot just keeps going around and around. Very little characterization. Dead people waking up didn't even do it for me. Though I wonder if they'll steal from Invasion and have the Avias passengers be "changed" from their experience. I'll give the show one more week. If it doesn't pick up, I won't be tuning in.

What's going on with you?