Monday, October 25, 2010


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My bedroom has a row of empty boxes along one side. They are all there for one reason...Yoda. He loves boxes of all shapes and sizes, though the smaller ones seem to be his fave. He'll go from one to another then back again. A lot like the LOLcat above!

Of course, right now he's sound asleep on my TBR pile that's been tipped over on the floor. All those books look uncomfortable to me, but he doesn't seem to mind!

It's hard to believe we've almost had him a year. I need to see if he'll fit inside the same pumpkin bucket. I'd love to compare the pics I put on this blog then to the new ones.

Better get back to writing! My entire schedule has been thrown off lately so I'm not getting work done in the morning the way I like to. I need to get back on track if I'm going to meet my November 15th deadline!